This. Is. Incredible.

Just doing a little office decorating. Not sure how many people will get it…

These things are fantastic! They’re basically pea chips. Super crunchy!

Still feels like summer!

There is seriously no better food than sushi.

My Sprout pencils arrived!!! ^^ These beauties are not JUST gorgeous cedar pencils. The ends are little capsules with a seed inside. When the pencil is used up, you plant the nub and enjoy your new herb garden. I’m starting with the mint… rosemary is next! :)

I’ve decided that this autumn, I’m going to cook a pumpkin! I have never cooked an actual pumpkin before, so I am going to give it a go. Does anyone have a good pumpkin recipe to share? Please send it my way!

Meijer had an overstock of berries, so I got 2 cartons for 20 cents each!! Time for a berry feast! ♡

I’m really digging the grapefruit scent lately, and so I LOVE this shampoo from Burt’s Bees! So many natural shampoos just don’t get a good lather, but this one does.

I can’t wait to try some recipes from this book!! It’s all about Swedish food, and I actually got it from Ikea. I have recently become obsessed with Scandinavian/northern European food. So many vegetables, fruits, herbs, and some fish and cheese. Heaven!